ブランドの価値という目に見えないものを資産として評価する考え方である「ブランドエクイティ」 ブランディングは継続させていくことの難しい資産です。 目に見えるものでは無く、時間のかかることだからこそ、慎重に大切に育てていく必要があります。 FORTUNEではWEBを通してお客様のブランディングをサポートいたします。



Competition amongst businesses now keeps on increasing with every passing day, making it crucial for a business to be remembered. The only way to stand out from the crowd is to be unique in your offerings and your branding. Do something different yet classy, that stays true to your brand image.

〜Social Media Marketing〜


Social Media Marketing


It is a reliable and cost-effective way to increase web traffic and sales revenue. In a time where consumers spend the majority of their day online, connected across various platforms, a smart and focused social media strategy has become an essential element for every business that needs to move ahead

〜Video Production〜


Video Production


We specialize in video production. From producing and executing flawless videos to marketing them, we can and have done it all. Be it testimonial videos to explainer videos. We boast a ton of happy clients who trust us to get their message across in an engaging way. Video is the future, and now is the time to invest in it.

〜Website Development〜


Website Development


Our team consists of the best web developers that will come up with a website that is customized as per your business’s needs. Not just that, but for your business to stand out, it needs to be user-friendly, and our developers will make sure that your website is customer-centric based on the latest industry trends of FORTUNE designs.